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Corporate Social Responsibility

GE has always cared for environmental preservation since it's inception. The entire staff constantly strives towards research and innovation for implementing energy conservation methods. Efficient use of our resources is the number one priority at our plants. In addition to such measures, we also take into account the efficient use of gases like carbon dioxide, LPG etc.

"We here at GE care about our planet Earth and so we have implemented energy saving methods throughout our plants. We always strive for efficient machine energy consumption improving year after year saving up to 35% energy by using servo driven hydraulic pumps. Also we target to reduce our overall energy consumption by 5-10%".

"Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, we pledge to safeguard our environment and always respect our natural resources. All energy tools that can save the environment in any way would be taken into consideration and implemented accordingly. We want to create a better hope for our future generations and leave a much better planet in their hands."
- By Gireesh Goel (Proprietor)

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